“If I was like his shadow before, how would they react to me alone?”

Isekara, or Letters From Elsewhere, is a serial that explores the question, “What exactly happens with the people who don’t end up in the fantasy world of the isekai story?” This is what the hero left behind. This is the story of the people who knew him. This is his best friend, the only one who knew what was truly going on.

This is what it means to be needed.

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Content Warnings

The narrator of Isekara is not a cheerful person. If you are not comfortable reading expressions of despair, abandonment, loneliness, or anxiety, do not force yourself to read this story. Do not interpret anything in this story as mental health advice.

A missing persons case regarding a minor is a plot element in this story. If you are not comfortable with that topic, do not force yourself to read this story.

Rating Information

The content of this story is estimated as earning a PG-13 rating based on publicly available MPAA rating criteria.

☤ Violence — Not the focus of the story. Present, but neither intense nor persistent.

☤ Language — Occasional minor profanity. Two instances of strong language justified by context.

☤ Substances — No use or reference.

☤ Nudity — This is a book. But also, no.